Progression Playlist Overview

The Progression Playlist is a feature that allows teachers to quickly and coherently map out standard progressions when building assignments in the Standards Practice Tile. This feature provides teachers with the opportunity to backward map the aligned standards that build up to the grade level. Alternatively, the feature also allows teachers to build upon the current grade level.

Here's how you can leverage this for your students:

Add stems from standards that build up to/build upon a particular standard

1. On the Standards page, drag & drop a standard onto the Assignment Bank Builder sidebar.

2. Click the arrow to see additional options.



3a. Clicking the down arrow will add our recommended stems for standards that are three tiers/levels down from the selected standard.


3b. Clicking the up arrow will add our recommended stems that come from standards that are one tier/level (there might be better terminology for teachers here) above the selected standard.



View related standards at a glance

Standard relationships can be viewed by hovering over a standard on the Standards page (shown below).


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