Accessing the Usage navigation button in the sidebar

This tutorial will show you how to view, access and engagement metrics for your school site or district.

Once you have logged in, select 'Usage' from the sidebar. This is where you can view both access and engagement data. The Access tab will show you information about user logins, while Engagement data concerns the amount of time spent in the platform.


When viewing access, you can change the date range, filter which roles you see, and export your data as a PDF using the controls shown below.

Update the date range to any date range you like, then select 'Apply.'

You can filter user data by role (teachers, students, and admins).

You can export the data to a PDF.

The first section that you can see contains your key metrics: daily unique users, daily total logins, and the top 10 logins for school administrators.

In the next section, you can see the top 10 logins separated by role. By hovering over one of the bars, you can see the total number of logins for that teacher, student, or administrator.


If you scroll back to the top and click on the 'Engagement' tab, you can view data regarding time spent in the platform. 

Like in the Access tab, you can restrict your data to a specific date range, filter users by role, and export your data as a PDF.  

The first section that you can see contains your key metrics (total time in the platform, total time by role, the number of completed assignments, and overall assignment average).

The second section contains information about individual users, such as the number of logins, time spent on the site, and the number of assignments they have completed.

You can also collapse each section to specifically view an individual metric, and expand them when you want to see them again.

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