Accessing the Users navigation button

This tutorial will show administrators how to access the user's navigation button to locate information on teachers and students.

Once you've logged in, go to the sidebar on the left-hand side of the screen and select 'Users.'

From here, you have a 'Teachers' tab as well as the 'Students' tab.

From the 'Teachers' tab, you can see the teachers' names, the grade levels they're assigned to, the date and time of their last login, as well as their total login count.

By clicking on the row of the teacher and then selecting 'View,' you can see their overview, their usage, assignment data, their sections, and their roster.

Taking a look at the 'Usage' tab, we can see specific key metrics and the roster of students. You can also export this information to a CSV file.

When looking at the 'Assignment Data' tab, you can actually see some of the completed assignments for the students.

If you want to take a look at the results, simply click on the row of that assignment and then select 'Results.'

Because this assignment has multiple takes, you will be taken to a summary tab that shows you growth indicators as well as progress over time bar graphs.

Clicking into a specific take will show you that take's average class score, high and low scores, average time on task, and the completion rate, as well as the data overview, performance by target, and individual student results.

If you click on 'View' next to an individual student's name, you can see this student's individual results.

Now let's go back to the user's navigation button and take a look at what we can see when we click on the 'Students' tab.

Here you can see all the students that are listed at your school site. You can see their last login information as well as their total login count.

By clicking on the row of that student and then clicking 'View,' you can view this student's completed assignments.

By clicking on the row again and selecting 'Results,' you can see this student's score, their time on task, their performance by standard, as well as their individual question items and how they scored.

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