Comparing two takes of the same assignment

This tutorial will show users how to access overview data for an assignment with more than one take.

  1. Once you have logged in, you will be defaulted to your Assignment Data page.

  2. Locate the assignment you would like to see results for, click on the row, and then select 'Results.'

  3. Because this assignment has multiple takes, you will see a summary tab. On the summary tab is where you will see your data overview comparing the most recent take to the first take.

  4. In the left corner of the Matrix, you can see the average score. From left to right, you can see the domains, standards, and stems that were included in the assignment.

  5. Down the left-hand column, you can see the grade level, and if you click there, you can open it up and see individual students' scores.

  6. The blue indicators show positive growth, and the orange indicators show negative growth.

  7. You can hover over the stems to get a preview of the question type, as well as take away the domains to just see the standards and Stems or any other combination of filtering within the domains, standards, and Stems.

  8. You can also view the data overview matrix by intervention groups.

  9. Don't forget that you can always collapse columns and re-expand columns as well.

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