Translating the platform for both printable and online assignments

This tutorial will show you how to translate both a print or an online assignment from the Builder.

Translate a printable assignment

  1. Once you have created your assignment, click 'Printable,' then select 'View.
  2. From here, right-click anywhere on the page and select 'Translate.'
    • You can change the language by clicking these menu dots and selecting 'Choose Another Language.'
    • Use the drop-down menu to locate the appropriate language and select 'Translate.'
  3. From here, you can print your assignment. If you use the 'Refresh Questions' button, you can get multiple versions of this translated printable assignment.

Translate an online assignment

  1. To translate an online assignment, students will need to be taught to select the row of the assignment, and then click 'Start.'
  2. They must right-click anywhere on their screen and select 'Translate.' They need to select the appropriate language, then select 'Translate.'
  3. From here, they can move through the questions of the assignment in the desired language.

Note: Google Translate must be already set up within your browser, as well as allowed by the district.

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