Assigning Blended Learning assignments

This tutorial will show users how to access the Blended learning additional resource option within

  1. Once you have logged in, be sure that you are on the 'Assignment Data' page.

  2. From here, locate the assignment you would like to push out Blended learning for.

  3. Click on the row and then select 'Results.'

  4. From here, you can see the 'Blended learning' button at the top of the page.

  5. Click 'Blended learning,' and now you can see a list of the different stems that were included in your assignment.

  6. Clicking on the row of the stem will unfold the stem and show you the group of students who need additional support on that specific stem.

  7. You can filter this page by clicking 'Student volume' at the top. Doing this will bring the stem with the most student volume to the very top of the list and the stem with the least student volume down at the bottom of the list.

  8. Scroll back up to the top to decide on a question count. Select the amount of questions you desire to push out for additional practice for your students.

  9. Then, locate the stem you would like to push the assignment out for and select 'Assign.'

  10. Click 'Create More' to continue this process for each of the stems.

  11. To delete a student from receiving additional work for a specific stem, locate their name in the list, then select the white 'X' next to their name. This will delete them from receiving an additional assignment from the specific stem listed at the top of the section.

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