Integrating with Canvas

This video demonstrates how you can integrate into the Canvas Learning System.

Create a module

  1. Within your module, click 'Create Module.'

  2. Provide a module name. In this example, we'll use the name Next Gen Math

  3. Click the small '+' button, then select 'External URL' from the 'Add' dropdown.

  4. The external URL you will add is the login screen. Copy the login URL below, and enter it in the field labeled 'URL.'

  5. For the field labeled 'Page Name', you might consider writing Next Gen Math and the assignment name, such as 'Next Gen Math Assignment #1.'

  6. Click 'Add Item'. That item has now been added.

  7. Publish both of those.

Student view

In the student view, the student will select 'Assignment #1' from their list of assignments. They can then work through solving each of the problems.

Teacher view

From the teacher view in Canvas,

  1. Make a copy of the Next Gen Math module you just created. You can do this by opening the menu of the module (indicated by three vertical dots) and selecting 'Duplicate.'

  2. Now edit the assignment copy. For this example, we'll give our copy a new title, Assignment #2.

  3. Click 'Update.' 

  4. On this page, you can see in the student view the Next Gen Math copy, and now the student will select Next Gen Math Assignment #2 to begin working.

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