Standards Practice


Key Features

This video demonstrates the key features of the Standards Practice page.

Step 1: When you first log in to, you should be automatically redirected to the Tiles Page for your grade level

(The grade level is shown on the black breadcrumb; notice 3rd Grade in the screenshot below)

Step 2: Click on the Standards Practice tile

Step 3: Select either the Print icon (Printer) or the Online icon (Laptop) to navigate to the Standards Practice page

Step 4: Once on the Standards Practice page, you will see all the Common Core Math Standards for the various domains at that grade level

  • The domains are shown in the colored circles down the left side
  • The various standards are the smaller gold, blue, and green tiles, representing major, supporting, and S.M.P standards respectively
  • Standards appear to repeat, but each is actually a different question format of that standard, referred to as a stem
  • For example, in the below screenshot from 3rd grade, 
    • In the top section, there are nine different standards for the domain, Operations & Algebraic Thinking (OA)
    • In the first standard for OA, there are four different question stems or ways the questions could be presented



If you wish to switch grade levels at this point, you can always do so from the Grades dropdown menu without leaving this screen. Additionally, you may also toggle the view format with the Online and Printable buttons near the top left.

Step 5: With the desired format selected (e.g. Online or Printable), select a standard/stem to view it in Online Practice or as a Printable Worksheet (Examples can be seen in the screenshots below)

Building a Resource


Resource in Next Gen Math can refer to an assignment, assessment, or any other type of knowledge check created for students.


In order to view a resource you have built, the resource must first contain a title and at least one standard/stem. Additionally, upon completing the minimum requirements, the resource will be automatically saved to your Assignment Bank. If you do not wish to keep the resource, you may delete it directly from the Assignment Bank.

Step 1: To begin building a Resource, drag and drop a standard/stem from the left into the Builder drop zone to the right; Standards/stems can also be rearranged within the builder by dragging them up or down in position and sorting them to your liking

For example, The screenshot below shows that four different stems were chosen, all for Standard 1 in OA at the 3rd-grade level

Step 2: Additional actions can also be found for each standard/stem in the builder as shown in the screenshot below

  • Add all from standard: Select the folder icon to add all stems from the same standard (with the exception of those that are already in the resource)
  • Preview stem: Select the image icon to open a preview of the stem; to close the preview select the Close button near the top right of the popup
  • Delete stem: Select the trash bin icon to remove the specific stem from your resource

Step 3: There are two ways to identify the Resources you create: Title and Label

  • Title: Title is a required field
    • To give the Resource a title, click Add Title; a dialog box will open prompting you to enter a title
    • Once entered, the "Add Title" button will be replaced with what you entered (This example used "OA Practice" as the title)
    • To edit a title you have already set, simply select the visible title on the builder where "Add Title" used to be
  • Label: To give the resource a label, click in the Label field, which defaults to "No Label", and select a label from the dropdown options (Adding a label is optional but recommended for better organization)

This example used "Exit Ticket" as the label



If this had not been your first time creating a resource and the Builder already contained standards, a title, and a label, click on the Reset button to clear out the Builder and start over.

Step 4: To view your resource as either Online or Printable toggle the view format buttons near the top left of the page

  • Online: If the Online format is selected prior to viewing, the next page will have a preview of the Resource that looks similar to the first screenshot below
  • Printable: If the Printable format is selected prior to viewing, the next page will have a preview of the Resource that is ready to print as seen in the second screenshot below


That's it! You have built a custom resource and saved it to your Assignment Bank. To view, simply select the View button at the top of the builder. To clear the builder and create a new resource, select the Reset button.


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