Locking and unlocking an online assignment

When creating an online assignment, you can add a due date from the New Assignment page, locking the assignment once the due date has come and gone. Watch the video below or follow the written instructions to learn about locking and unlocking assignments.

Lock an online assignment

To lock a new assignment, add a due date during the creation process. If you need help creating a new assignment, you can read  our articles on assignment creation:

Step 1: Click the Due date field and select a date from the calendar



Step 2: Click Save changes



Unlock an online assignment

Step 1: Go to the Dashboard in the top, right-hand corner of the screen and select Assignments



Step 2: Locate the assignment in your assignment list and click anywhere on the row



Step 3: Select Edit



Step 4: Either change Due date or click the "x" to delete the due date altogether



Step 5: Click Save changes


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