Use Subitizing with your students

This article will demonstrate how to use Subitizing as a learning activity with your students. 

Step 1: Once you have logged in, go to Grades and select the desired grade from the dropdown menu



Step 2: Click on the gray Conceptual Understanding tile



Step 3: Select Subitizing



Step 4: Choose which interface you want to use

Interactive will allow you to type your answer in the answer box, while Mental will have you select Submit to reveal the correct answer



Step 5: Choose whether you would like the dots to be Grouped, Ordered, or Scattered in the Format dropdown



Step 6: Choose how many Frames you want for your Subitizing activity



Step 7: Choose how many seconds the dots will appear in the frames before disappearing

Teach will allow dots to remain visible



Step 8: Choose if you want the frames to be displayed


Step 9: Now begin to play with Subitizing by either typing in your answer or clicking the Submit button (Then click Next to move on to the next problem)


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