Managing student credentials


This tutorial is for accounts that access through a provided username and password. Some of these features may not be available to you if your students do not log in with a username and password.

This video highlights key features within your Next Gen Math roster such as: Adding new and existing students, filtering data, viewing student profiles, and managing student credentials. To learn about managing student credential cards, skip to 2:45.

The preferred (secure) method for providing students with their sign-in credentials at the start of the academic year is the printable Credential cards option. To view/print the credential cards see the following:

Step 1: Sign in to as a teacher

Step 2: Visit the Roster page

Step 3: Select Credential cards near the top right (this will open a pop-up window)

Step 4: In the new window, you will see the printable cards with each of your student's names, usernames, and passwords


Step 5: Print the sheet, then simply cut the paper along the dotted lines and distribute the cards to the students

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