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This document is designed to help get your district and the sites required synced with Next Gen Math through ClassLink. The details and rules discussed below are intended to be used as a base for syncing school data and may not workin all cases. You may find that you need to alter or build on top of these guidelines to satisfy your district's needs fully.


If your district is migrating to ClassLink from either a Native Roster or any other SSO Client and you wish to sync with the pre-existing data within Next Gen Math please see Syncing Pre-Existing Data for more.


Next Gen Math implements the OneRoster sync API using ClassLink as the SSO provider. To guarantee your District's login success, please follow the specified OneRoster guidelines. See OneRoster 1.1 CSVs on ClassLink for more.

Enabling Roster Data Syncing

In order for Next Gen Math to sync with your site's data you will first need to add our application to your Roster Server. You can do this by going to your Roster Server dashboard and searching for Next Gen Math under the Applications menu. For more on this please see Applications: Adding Applications & Modifying Permissions on ClassLink.

Enabling Single Sign-On

Once the Next Gen Math application has been added to your Roster Server and the appropriate sharing permissions have been set head over to your ClassLink Roster Management Console. From here you will need to select Applications > Add & Assign Apps. Then select App Library and search for and add the Next Gen Math application. Once you have added the application you will then need to assign app access to the desired roles for your site(s).

Syncable OneRoster Roles

The following roles are permitted with Next Gen Math's OneRoster integration:

  • Administrator (can be school or district administrator)
  • Teacher
  • Student

Syncing Administrators

In order to sync both district and school administrators and provide single sign-on service you may need to follow the steps listed below. Once the administrator accounts are created in OneRoster, Next Gen Math will be able to sync their data and provide ClassLink single sign-on access.

  1. Assure that the admin first has a ClassLink account. The role of this account is up to you. (e.g. School Administrator, District Administrator)
  2. Create a manual user record within your Roster Server and assign the 'Administrator' role.
  3. Enter the user's ClassLink account email as the user's username.
  4. For School Administrators you must select only desired school as the orginazation.
  5. For District Administrators you must select only the district as the organization.
  6. Lastly, ensure that the district org is being shared through OneRoster. If the district org is not shared we will be unable to sync any administrators.


When adding an administrator records to the Roster Server the username of this user must match the email of the user's ClassLink account. If these fields do not match the user will be unable to sign in to Next Gen Math.


Administrator's email field, although optional in OneRoster, is mandatory for successful Single Sign-On through ClassLink integration.


We recommend assigning school site specialists and/or intervention teachers without a classroom the school adminstrator role.

Roster Server Sharing Permissions

In order to provide the best experience for teachers, it's important to share only the courses that are relevant to mathmatics. Doing so will ensure that teachers are given only the data they need when using Next Gen Math. For more information please see Setting Up Permissions on ClassLink.

Syncing Pre-Existing SSO Data

In order for Next Gen Math to successfully sync pre-existing user data from a previously used SSO or Native Roster you will need to ensure that at least one of the following fields contains matching data from the previous system. If we are unable to match with a user on either of these fields then a new record will be created for that user.

  1. Email
  2. SourcedId (typically the users local ID or user number, assigned by the school or district.)
  3. State ID (typically obtained from CalPads.)

Sync Schedule

Next Gen Math syncs with ClassLink each night at 12:00 p.m. PST to ensure we always have the most up-to-date data that your school or district needs.

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