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This document is designed to help get your district and the sites required synced with Next Gen Math through Clever. The details and rules discussed below are intended to be used as a base for syncing school data and may not work in all cases. You may find that you need to alter or build on top of these guidelines to satisfy your district's needs fully.

Adding The Application

To add Next Gen Math to your Clever application library you must first navigate to the Applications section of your Clever dashboard. Once there select 'Add applications' on the top right corner. Search for Next Gen Math and select 'request app'. You can also do so directly by clicking here. For more on this see For District Admins: Apps - Add or Remove apps on Clever.

Sharing Rules

When setting up sharing permissions in Clever for Next Gen Math you will need to create a Share by Schools rule. See Sharing Permissions: Share by Rules on Clever for more.

It's important to share only the data for each school that will require access to Next Gen Math.

Creating The Rule(s)

  1. Navigate to Next Gen Math within your Clever Dashboard
  2. Select the "Data Sharing" tab then select "Share by Schools"
  3. Select each of the schools that will need to connect to Next Gen Math.
  4. Save changes.

Assigning School Admins (Staff)

Any school administrators or those that require administration features detailed here and do not exist in Clever will need to be added directly through Clever. Once the admins are added to Clever through the districts Clever account, Next Gen Math will automatically sync with their accounts.
See Clever Roles: Staff - How to add to Clever on Clever for more.

We recommend giving school site specialists and/or intervention teachers without a classroom staff/admin access to the program.


Next Gen Math does not internally create or manage administrator accounts when syncing through Clever. Any administrators that need access must be added through Clever as detailed above.

District Admins

All district admin accounts within your Clever dashboard will be automatically synced with unless otherwise specified in your sharing rules. If you do not have district admin accounts for the desired users please see Adding Clever Admins on Clever for detailed instructions.

Sync Schedule

Next Gen Math syncs with Clever each night at 12:00 p.m. PST to ensure we always have the most up-to-date data that your school or district needs.

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