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This document is designed to help get your district and the sites required synced with Next Gen Math through Microsoft o365 + School Data Sync. The details and rules discussed below are intended to be used as a base for syncing school data and may not work in all cases. You may find that you need to alter or build on top of these guidelines to satisfy your district's needs fully.

Adding The Application

  1. To add Next Gen Math to your Microsoft o365 application library search for "Next Gen Math" in the Microsoft Azure Gallery and select "Sign up".

  2. Accept the permissions on behalf of your organization. This is 1 of 2 permissions that will need to be granted.

  3. In Active Directory, find the newly added Next Gen Math app and click on it to view its properties. If you are unable to find Next Gen Math in your list, please verify that the first set of permissions was accepted.

  4. Select "Permissions" on the left and then select the blue "Grant admin consent" button.


If the permissions in this step are not granted Next Gen Math will be unable to sync any roster data via SDS and users will not be able to sign in.

  1. You will be asked once more to accept permissions on behalf of your organization. These permissions will allow Next Gen Math to sync with your district's SDS roster data.

  2. When the permissions have been accepted, refresh the page to verify that the permissions in the table have been updated to include the Application Permissions seen below.

  3. Finally, collect your organization's Tenant ID and send it via email to your account representative at Next Gen Math.

Sync Schedule

Next Gen Math syncs with Microsoft School Data Sync each night at 12:00 p.m. PST to ensure that we always have the most up-to-date data that your school or district needs.

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