Frequently Asked Questions (Technical)

What browsers are compatible with Next Gen Math?

We currently support all major, modern web browsers. More here.

What additional software/plugins are required to user Next Gen Math?

Only a browser is required to access Next Gen Math.

Is the Next Gen Math system locally installed or hosted online?

Next Gen Math is hosted online at

Does the system require student account logins?

Yes. Anyone who needs to use Next Gen Math will need a user account.

Is there a secure method to transfer the data needed for account creation?

Access to our SFTP Server can be provded in order to send roster data.

Is the process for data uploads for account creation automatic or manual?

Next Gen Math can automatically sync with SIS data shared through one of our integrated SSO platforms as well as import data through a roster export and maintained through site tools.

Is there student content streamed from external sites such as Youtube or Vimeo?

Next Gen Math offers embeded student learning videos which are hosted on YouTube. We also provide a self-hosted option which is automatically implemented if access to YouTube is blocked.

Does Next Gen Math require Flash?

No. Next Gen Math does not use Flash for any of it's applications.

Does your service include any use of e-mails to Teachers or Students?

Next Gen Math will only email teachers to inform them of site updates or to correspond with them for customer related support.

Which site URLs would need to be whitelisted?

Next Gen Math utilizes several internal services throughout the site. See the following URLs:

Does the system support the OneRoster API integration?

Yes. Next Gen Math is integrated with the OneRoster API using ClassLink as the Sign-on service.

Last Updated: 2 years ago