Getting Started

To begin practicing, select a topic from one of the tiles. In this example, you can choose from Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division from within the Basic Skills category.

You can easily change between grades, categories, or topics using the side-bar navigation on the left. Switch between the Presets under the topic to quickly access a specialized set questions for the selected grade and topic.


Using the "Advanced configuration drawer" you can customize the way that questions are generated in practice or in an assignment. You may also make changes to a selected preset. Simply click the "Advanced" button and start making changes. Once you are satisfied with your changes select the "Update" button near the bottom right of the drawer to apply the changes.


The available options provided in the dropdown will be adjusted based on the grade and topic you are under.

Creating Assignments

Creating a Procedural Fluency assignment is easy. To create an assignment, simply select a preset from the left hand menu or setup a custom configuration from the "Advanced configuration drawer" and then click the "assign" button on the right hand side. You will then be redirected to the "Make New Assignment" page where you can complete the process as normal. Students will receive an assignment that is based on the preset or configuration you have selected before clicking the Assign button.

Timed Assignments

When creating a Procedural Fluency assignment you may choose to set the number of minutes students are allowed to spend on the assignments. Enter a number in minutes that students have to complete the assignment. When the time limit is reached the assignment will be automatically submitted.


The ability to create Procedural Fluency assignments and access the analytical data is available only for sites with Premium access subscriptions.

Last Updated: 10 months ago