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Next Gen Math integrates with Schoology for Assignment grade syncing. Export scores from your assignments taken in Next Gen Math to your Schoology gradebook with the click of a few buttons.



You do not need to use Next Gen Math from within Schoology after the Setup process is complete.

There is a one time setup required for teachers/administrators interested in our Schoology integrated features.

Install Next Gen Math App in Schoology

If your administrative team has not already installed Next Gen Math in Schoology for you, you should be able to install our app yourself here.

Launch Next Gen Math from Schoology

Click the apps drawer and select Next Gen Math:

Authorize Next Gen Math's access to your Schoology data

Click "Approve."

That's it! You have now linked your Schoology account to your Next Gen Math account.

Schoology Assignment Gradebook Sync

With Schoology access enabled, you will be able to sync Assignment grades from Next Gen Math to Schoology.

  1. Navigate to one of your assignment's results: Click the Sync Scores with Schoology button.
  1. Now select a Schoology Section that you've assigned to:
  1. Select a Schoology Assignment you wish to sync your Next Gen Math scores with.
  1. If you've chosen the correct Schoology Assignment, press OK


This will permanently override the grades in your Schoology gradebook for any of the assignees that we were able to match for the chosen assignment.

  1. That's it! You should see the scores reflected in your Schoology gradebook.
Last Updated: a year ago