Syncing administrators

In order to sync both district and school administrators and provide single sign-on service, you may need to follow the steps listed below. Once the administrator accounts are created in OneRoster, Next Gen Math will be able to sync their data and provide ClassLink single sign-on access.

Step 1: Ensure that the admin first has a ClassLink account. The role of this account is up to you. (e.g. School Administrator, District Administrator)

Step 2: Create a manual user record within your Roster Server and assign the Administrator role

Step 3: Enter the user's ClassLink account email as the user's username

Step 4: For School Administrators, you must select only desired school as the organization

Step 5: For District Administrators, you must select only the district as the organization

Step 6: Lastly, ensure that the district org is being shared through OneRoster (If the district org is not shared we will be unable to sync any administrators)


When adding an administrator records to the Roster Server the username of this user must match the email of the user's ClassLink account. If these fields do not match the user will be unable to sign in to Next Gen Math.


The administrator's email field, although optional in OneRoster, is mandatory for successful Single Sign-On through ClassLink integration.


We recommend assigning school site specialists and/or intervention teachers without a classroom to the school administrator role.

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