Managing Student Demographics Data


Only select representatives from a district's IT Department are granted access to manage the district's student demographic data. Contact us to have this access granted to your account.


Uploaded files are not stored longer than necessary. Once our system has finished processing the CSV it is deleted from our servers.

Demographics Data Columns & Values

This table outlines the available columns and the necessary value for each column. At least one of the required fields must be present in the CSV upload in order to sync with existing student records.

Header Required Value
SSID Yes 10-digit State ID
email Yes Valid email address
gender No "M" or "F"
ethnicity No Any string
race No Any string
english_learner No "Y" or "N"
migrant No "Y" or "N"
gifted_learner No "Y" or "N"
special_ed No "Y" or "N"
sed No "Y" or "N"
homeless No "Y" or "N"
foster No "Y" or "N"


Uploading the CSV

Once you have finished preparing your CSV, sign in to your district administrator account and select "Settings."

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Select the "Demographics" tab and then proceed to import your CSV. This table will help you ensure that the CSV was filled out correctly. You may filter for warnings or errors and adjust as needed before you sync the CSV.


After making changes to a file that has already been imported, you must first select the "Reset file" button and select the file again for the changes to take effect.

Once you are satisfied with the results of your upload, select the "Sync" button. Once our systems have finished processing the file and syncing it with student records, you will receive an email with the results. 

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Managing Teacher Access To Data

Your district may wish to keep some or all of the student demographic data out of teacher reports. We offer the ability for you to completely turn off teacher access to this data or select which fields you would like them to have access to. To do this, select the "Manage Access" button in the top right.


By default, all school Admin and District Admin will have access to all student demographic data. Teachers will not have immediate access to any of the data unless enabled.

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