Timeless Treasures – May 2023

At Next Gen Math, our greatest endeavor is to keep our teacher-authoring platform aligned with students’ evolving needs. That’s why we compiled a list of our top new features to help you—as a student, teacher, or administrator—get the most out of NextGenMath.com.

Our Standards Practice builder has some nifty features you might not know about. Continue reading to learn about our secret portal to the Assignment Bank, how you can reorder stems for an assignment, as well as a message about our annual data rollover.

Saving and Viewing Assignments from the Builder

As assignments are created in the builder, they are automatically saved in the Assignment Bank—no manual saving is required on your part. Given this peace of mind, you can quickly pop over to your existing assignments from the builder by clicking "Assignment Bank", located directly above "View" and "New" in the Assignment Bank Builder. 

Once you are in the builder, click on the assignment name and then the "Edit" button to go back to the builder. Any standards that you add or remove to your assignment bank builder will automatically update your assignment in the Assignment Bank, no saving required.

Ordering Stems for Print and Online Assignments in the Assignment Bank Builder

Do you want to control the order in which question stems appear on a print or online assignment? Simply hover your mouse over the row of the stem until you see the cross, then click and drag the stem in the desired order. The stems will appear on your print and online assignment in the order configuration that you design.

End-of-Year Data Rollover

What you need to know

On June 30, 2023, this school year's Assignment Data will be automatically archived to make room for the new school year. We do this so you can start the new school year without the clutter of the previous year’s Assignment Data. This data archive will only affect Assignment Data; all other user-created content will remain for the next school year.

However, we take into consideration our summer school teachers. All data created during the summer will remain until the following end of the subsequent school year.

What you need to do

If you have not logged in or do not have a need to download any Assignment Data then no action is necessary. However, if there is Assignment Data that you wish to keep and/or upload to a third-party grade book, please be sure to export the data before June 30, 2023. If you are still unsure what to do, ask your administrator about your site’s data preservation policies.

Watch an instructional video demonstrating how to export your students’ scores for assignments.

Alternatively, you can review the written instructions in our tutorial on Exporting results data.

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