Selecting “My Collection” to view a complete list of your assignments

This tutorial will show users how to locate customized assignments in 'My Collection.'

  1. Once you have logged in, select 'My Collection' from the sidebar.
  2. From here, you can see the many different assignments created in the Standards Builder, Framework Fundamentals, or Procedural Fluency assignments where you have customized a preset and saved the customized version in 'My Presets.'

  3. When you click on an assignment, you can see some information which allows you to preview the assignment or assign the assignment to your students. You can also edit or delete this assignment.
  4. Looking at another assignment, you can see that this assignment was shared to other teachers, and because it was an assignment within Standards Builder, you can see which stems were included in the assignment as well. You can preview the online version of the assignment or print a printable version, assign it to my students, edit the assignment, make a copy of the assignment, or delete the assignment.

  5. To filter for specific assignments, you can go to the filters drop-down menu and filter for different types of assignments. You can also search for a specific assignment by clicking in the 'Search Collection' field and typing the name of the assignment.

  6. Using the three menu dots, you can also perform other actions such as previewing the online version, viewing the print version, and assigning, sharing, editing, copying, or deleting the assignment.
  7. Using the star button, you can star the assignment if you want to favorite this assignment.
  8. By scrolling all the way down to the bottom, you can see that I'm looking at 25 assignments, but you can also update that number to 50 or less. You can also go to the next page by clicking the forward arrow or the previous page by clicking the back arrow.
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