Sharing folders

This tutorial will show users how to share folders.

Written tutorial

Once you have logged in, you will default to Assignment Data, where you will see folders near the top of the page. 

Something to note is that you also have folders in My Collection.


The process of sharing folders is the same in both Assignment Data and My Collection. However, please take note that your folders in My Collection are different from your folders in Assignment Data, even if they have the same title.


To share a folder from My Collection, you need to locate the folder that you would like to share, select the three menu dots, and then select "Share."

From here, you can click into one of the fields to share the folder with a team of colleagues or with individual colleagues.

Start typing the name of a team or a teacher that you would like to share this folder with, then click on that name in the list.

Select "Done."

Now you will be able to identify a folder that you have shared with others by a green icon.

Remember, even if you have an "Assessment" folder in My Collection as well as an "Assessment" folder in Assignment Data, it does not mean that you have shared both folders at the same time.

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