What's New on Next Gen Math – Aug 2023

New 1st Grade Geometry Stems

We're excited to introduce four new first-grade geometry stems to our standards builder: 1.G.2 (1), 1.G.2 (2), 1.G.2 (3), and 1.G.2 (4). These stems incorporate composite shapes to aid students in developing their understanding of shapes and their attributes. They build upon K.G.1, K.G.2, K.G.3, K.G.6, and they pave the way for 1.G.3, 3.MD.5a, 3.MD.5b, and 4.G.3.


My Collection and Assignment Data 

In this newsletter, we'll explore the distinction between My Collection and Assignment Data. Understanding their unique features will enhance your user experience and streamline your workflow.

My Collection

Formerly known as the Assignment Bank, My Collection is where all custom assignments are automatically saved for both print and online use. The best part? These assignments carry over from year to year, sparing you the need to recreate them. Consider the items on this page as master copies—blank assignments waiting to be distributed to students.

From this page, you can perform various assignment-related actions. By clicking on a card in the assignment grid, you'll access a side panel containing detailed information about that specific assignment.

This info panel also provides a way to preview the online format, print the assignment, and distribute it to students. You can also mark assignments as favorites, share them, edit, copy, or delete them, all within the info panel. You can easily filter assignments by subject, grade level, or specific standards to locate the perfect resources for your students. Clicking "Assign" will take you to the New Assignment page, where you can adjust assignment settings. Once assigned, the assignment will appear in the Assignment Data page.

Note: Assignments in My Collection do not have data attached to them.

Assignment Data

Assignments are automatically graded as soon as they're submitted, and the results are conveniently accessible through the Assignment Data page. Here, you'll find a table displaying assignments pushed out to students. At a glance, you can discern the assignment type, title, start date, whether it has been marked as a favorite, shared, has results, or is a retake.

Note: A green "shared" icon signifies that you've shared the assignment with someone; red indicates that the assignment has been shared to you, and gray indicates an assignment that has not been shared.

Clicking on a row opens the info panel for that assignment, providing specific details like the average score, the number of completed assignments, and assignment options. You can access results, copy the link to, preview, print, or delete that instance of the assignment. These actions are also accessible by opening the menu in the last column of the table.

In summary, My Collection is your hub for accessing custom assignments, while Assignment Data is your gateway to assigned materials and associated student data. These two pages work together to empower you with the resources and insights necessary to deliver effective instruction and monitor student progress. Welcome to a world where resources and data converge, elevating your teaching prowess and fostering student success.





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