What's New on Next Gen Math – Nov 2023

November was another busy month as we released some real game-changing features, like the addition of customizable cut scores to the Data Overview matrix, the ability to save presets and push out assignments for subitizing, and a better way to view your Procedural Fluency presets! Read on to learn more about these great features and see what else we added to the platform last month.

Cut Scores

The Assignment Summary Matrix graph is now color-coded to reflect student achievement on assignments. The categories mirror those on the CAASPP: Not met, Nearly met, Met, and Exceeded. 


Default ranges 

  • 0-59%: Not met
  • 60-69%: Nearly met
  • 70-84%: Met
  • 85-100%: Exceeded 
You have the ability to fully modify these cut scores to your liking. District Admin can modify the default cut scores for their district (this provides a starting point for any teacher that has not already set their own cut scores). However, Teachers can set their own cut scores (overriding the district's defaults) if they wish. These changes are saved and will not need to be repeatedly set.

Once you click the green “Apply custom cut scores” button, your changes will be saved and will not need to be repeatedly set.

The cut score ranges will update here as you adjust the values using the slider controls circled above. Default values can be reset with the click of a button.

Subitizing presets & assignments

Subitizing has received a major upgrade and now supports the creation of presets and assignments. Subitizing is a fundamental skill that aids in the development of a strong number sense, efficient counting, and the ability to grasp more advanced mathematical concepts. It provides a solid foundation for a child's mathematical journey.

Procedural Fluency presets page

Once you have selected a Procedural Fluency skill to practice, you will notice a new page that shows you a list of presets rather than being taken directly to the Procedural Fluency app. On the left side of the screen, you can see a list of presets for the selected grade, category, and topic. Once you click the row of a preset, you can preview its details on the right side of the screen. 

Changing the grade from this view will take you back to the previous page, where you can choose from the available skills for that grade level. Changing either the category or topic will update the list of presets without navigating you to a different page. 

Use the Default Presets and My Presets tabs to switch between viewing a list of default presets and your own custom, saved presets.

Towards the top of the preview, you can find the actions to Preview, Print and Assign the selected preset. 

Default presets will have the Advanced button at the bottom of the preview, while your custom presets will have both Advanced and the option to Delete the preset. You can restore a deleted preset by selecting it in My Collection and clicking restore.

Preview and Advanced will both take you to the Procedural Fluency page for a given preset; however, clicking Advanced will have the Advanced drawer open by default when the page loads. 

Procedural Fluency printed assignments

As mentioned above, saved Procedural Fluency presets can now be printed! This can be done from My Collection or directly from the Procedural Fluency app. This enables you to bring our innovative content into the physical realm, offering your students a more tactile learning experience. Whether it's the convenience of having hard copies at hand or the preference for traditional problem-solving methods, we've made it easier for you to cater to diverse learning styles. We believe this enhancement will provide you with greater adaptability in delivering lessons and supporting your students' learning. 

New ways to sort My Collection

Now, organizing your assignments is a breeze with our new sorting options. Easily arrange your collection by the newest creation date, oldest creation date, or alphabetically to arrange your content in a way that suits you best. Whether you're managing inventory or searching for a specific assignment, sorting empowers you to find what you need quickly and efficiently.

Standards Builder improvements

We've recently enhanced the Standards Builder with two user-friendly features. Now, you can easily sort your results to streamline your experience and pinpoint specific information. Additionally, we've introduced a handy option to remove duplicate question stems, ensuring a more efficient and focused learning journey.

K.CC 2 Stems

New Kindergarten question stems have been added to the Standards Builder! These include K.CC.2 (2-6) and address the ability to count forward beginning from a given number within a known sequence (instead of having to begin at 1). 

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