What's New on Next Gen Math – Dec 2023


Presets page and preview panel

Over the last few months, we released exciting improvements for Subitizing, such as the addition of Double Ten Frames and the ability to support the creation of presets and assignments. Well...we've continued beefing up this application even while reveling in these recent upgrades! More recently, we added a new page that allows you to view all default or customized Subitizing presets. Once you click the row of a preset, you can preview the settings and details on the right side of the screen. From this handy panel, you can also preview, assign, or go straight to the advanced drawer to edit your preset!

Drag-and-drop dots

Subitizing is now more interactive than ever with our drag-and-drop functionality. Students can now explore numbers and grouping by moving dots around. The first button above the frame reveals the original dot formation when pressed and held, and the second button resets all dots in the frame(s) to their initial positions.


Sharing folders

Enhance teamwork and streamline your workflow by sharing entire folders with your colleagues! The sharing functionality within the folder system is designed to provide specific permissions and actions. The owner of a folder has the ability to share it. Only the folder's owner can create sub-folders within the shared folder. Anyone with access to the shared folder can move assignments into it, including shared assignments. All assignments, whether shared or not, that are moved into a shared folder become viewable to anyone who has access to that folder. This autosharing feature extends to the sub-folders of the shared folder, including assignments within those sub-folders. If a shared folder is removed from a teacher, all assignments owned by the recipient, even those within un-shared subfolders, will be relocated to the "root" (either My Collection or Assignment Data).


District admins can create school admins and teachers now

District administrators, this one's for you! Take charge by creating school admins and teachers directly from the Schools navigation tab. Just select a school, click either the School Admin or Teachers tab, and at the top right corner, find the "+ New School Admin" or "+ New Teacher" button, depending on your selection. It's that simple.


Accessibility Improvements

Improving Accessibility for All Users

We're proud to announce significant strides in making the NextGenMath.com platform more accessible for all users. While some of these improvements are visual, most take place behind the scenes and will be more noticeable to users who rely on assistive technologies like screen readers. Here's what we've been up to:

  • Text Readability: We made sure that the text on our platform is easy to read by ensuring good contrast with the background.
  • Keyboard Navigation: We enhanced keyboard support for navigating the site, making it easier to tab through content.
  • Data Tables: We enhanced our tables to better support screen readers and therefore deliver a more human-friendly spoken report.
  • Interactive Elements: We ensured that interactive elements have their necessary ARIA attributes, allowing assistive technologies to more accurately describe the page’s current state. For example, understanding whether a given dropdown menu is currently expanded or collapsed; knowing when a button can be clicked, or discerning the appropriate label for a given input field. 
  • Alternative text: We added more meaningful alternative text to visual content.

These are just a few highlights of our ongoing efforts to prioritize inclusivity and user-friendliness. As we continue to evolve, we're dedicated to ensuring that the NextGenMath.com platform remains a welcoming space for everyone.

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