What's New on Next Gen Math – Feb 2024

At Next Gen Math, we’re dedicated to making your job as an educator more streamlined, more effective, and less stressful. Some improvements that we made in the last month include the addition of Money as a category to Procedural Fluency, an upgraded text-to-speech voice model, and some convenient additions to the Standards Builder.

Procedural Fluency Money

Learn how to count, compare, make change, and add and subtract money. 


We released a hugely improved text-to-speech feature and cannot express our excitement enough! Say goodbye to the robotic voice of the past and hello to elevated student engagement. With this upgrade, students can pause while listening to a question and resume where they left off. This voice model is available on all stems and is currently enabled for the primary question text. Please note that it will not read through the answer options at this time. If you want to hear the new TTS voice, watch the video below or log into NextGenMath.com, open any practice stems, and click on the speaker icon.

Standards Builder

Last week, we rolled out several enhancements for the Standards Builder. Key additions include the ability to preview, print, assign, and copy directly from the builder, as well as an alert to let your know whether the builder items have been saved as an assignment in My Collection. This alert doubles as a link to My Collection. We have also added a grip icon to stems in the builder. The background color of this icon indicates whether a stem belongs to a major (gold) or supporting (blue) cluster. 


Preview, Print, and Assign buttons

To make the builder more convenient and powerful, we have added three buttons to the top: Preview, Print, and Assign. Like the other applications in NextGenMath.com, clicking Preview will allow you to see the student experience, Print will allow you to adjust the format of the assignment for printing, and Assign will let you modify the settings for the online assignment before pushing it out to students. 


Sort, Remove duplicates, and New buttons

The buttons to sort, remove duplicates, and start building a new assignment have been moved lower inside the builder, directly beneath the labels dropdown.


Shortcut to My Collection

The green "Saved to Collections" message is now a clickable link that will take you to My Collection.


Grip dots and cluster indication

Grip dots have been added to items in the builder, indicating their drag and drop behavior. The grip dots also have a gold or blue background color to reflect the Major or Supporting status.


Copy button

The Copy button has been moved to the bottom row of the builder.


Stem Format toggle

We have also moved the "Stem Format" toggle to the left side near the Grade level dropdown in order to be more consistent with the rest of the layouts. Note: The format toggle is only for clicking on the stems and does not impact the builder at all.


At Next Gen Math, we're constantly striving to empower educators like you with innovative tools and features. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements to support your teaching journey.


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