What’s New on Next Gen Math – January 2023


At Next Gen Math, our greatest endeavor is to keep our teacher-authoring platform aligned with students’ evolving needs. That’s why we compiled a list of our top new features to help you—as a student, teacher, or administrator—get the most out of NextGenMath.com.

Continue reading this article to review our releases from the past month, including our new Learning Progression tooltip, decimals for Procedural Fluency, and more!

Learning Progression Tooltip


Are your students lacking the foundational concepts required to successfully complete grade-level question stems? We now have a solution. You can now quickly identify the grade-level learning progressions by hovering over the standard and stem to view the prerequisite standards from previous grade levels that “Build Upon” a given stem. Use this information to design a customized diagnostic by standard or build lessons from the previous grade-level standards and stems to fill learning gaps.

Need to accelerate students on standards that are mastering grade-level content? Hover over the stem to identify the subsequent standard in the next grade level and build away. Addressing the unique needs of all students has just become infinitely easier with our Learning Progression tooltip, available by hovering over any stem in the Standards Practice tile. 

Procedural Fluency Decimals


Decimals have officially been added to Procedural Fluency, allowing teachers to build a variety of decimal-focused problems to help increase student proficiency! This feature is currently available for grades 5th-8th and includes topics such as:

  • Rounding
  • Place values
  • Addition
  • Subtraction
  • Multiplication
  • Division


Save Custom Procedural Fluency Presets

Custom Procedural Fluency presets can now be saved! Look for the Save button in the Advanced drawer of the Procedural Fluency app. Once saved, you will be able to find your preset(s) under the My presets list located in the left-side menu. Easily edit your presets by selecting the Update existing dropdown before saving. To delete a preset, simply hover over the preset and click on the trash icon.


Printing Online Assignments

Online assignments are now available for easy printing. To print an online assignment, simply select the assignment from the Assignment Data page, and look for the Print button. If no print button is present, you may need to verify that the assignment was created with Dynamic questions set to off.



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