Accessing summary data for assignments with multiple takes

This tutorial will show you how to access summary data and view growth indicators on assignments that have multiple takes.

Written tutorial

Once you've logged in, be sure that you are on the assignment data page.


From here, locate the assignment you would like to see summary data for. Click on the row and then select results.


Within the summary tab, you'll be able to see your Data Overview matrix.


Clicking on the teacher or section will open up the Matrix so you can see individual student results.


You can collapse the columns or expand the columns, filter for different domains, standards, or stems.


You can also filter for different intervention groups, as well as edit the cut scores.


Within the body of the Matrix, you can see the different growth indicators for each skill and each student.


The black row across the top indicates the average score as well as the average growth for each domain, standard, and stem.


The black column going down indicates the average score and growth for individual students.


By scrolling down, you can see the progress over time line graphs. To the left, you can see the average score and low score between take one and take two.


To the right, you can see the average time it took students to complete the assignments. 


Comparing take one and take two, you can also filter by individual student.


Scrolling back to the top, you can print this data as well as export the data.

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