Options within the Assignment Data page

This tutorial will give you an overview of the Assignment Data page.

Written tutorial

Once you've logged in, you will default to the assignment data page.

If you would like to filter for specific data, you can click the filters dropdown menu in the top left-hand corner of the screen and choose any of the filters, then click "Apply Filters".


From here, you can locate an assignment that you would like to see some data options for by clicking on the row.


A side panel will appear. 


Clicking "Results" will take you to the results of this assignment. Clicking "Preview" will allow you to preview the online experience, and clicking "Print" will allow you to preview a print version of the assignment.

Note: To push out a retake, you must be the original author of the assignment.


In the side panel, you can see the:

  • title of the assignment
  • average score
  • start date
  • label
  • completion rate (if there was a due date)
  • which Take number this was.


Scrolling down, you can see who the assignment was shared with, as well as where the assignment is located.


You can also click "Assignment Link" to access a Google Classroom link for students, edit the assignment, or delete it.


You can click the black X at the top right-hand corner of the screen to close the side panel.


The Assignment Data list will give you information as well, starting with the icon on the far left-hand side of the row, showing you which type of assignment it is, the label, the title of the assignment, and the take number (if there is more than one take).

You can also see the start date.


Next, you can see five icons representing various statuses for that assignment.


The star icon indicates whether an assignment has been favorited.

Icon Meaning
You have not favorited this assignment
You have favorited this assignment


To the right of that, we can see the shared icon, which indicates whether the assignment was shared to you by an administrator (indicated in red), whether you shared the assignment (indicated here in green), or in blue, which indicates this assignment has been shared to you by a colleague.

Icon Meaning
This assignment is not shared
You have shared this assignment to others
This assignment has been shared to you by an administrator
This assignment has been shared to you by a colleague

A bar graph that is colored in green indicates that the assignment has data to look at.

Icon Meaning
This assignment has no results 
This assignment has results 


The retake icon will be highlighted in orange if there are retakes for this assignment.

Icon Meaning
There are no retakes for this assignment
There are retakes for this assignment


The lightning bolt indicates whether this assignment is static. An assignment is static when dynamic questions and shuffled order are off.

Icon Meaning
This assignment is not static
This assignment is static


Moving further to the right, the black bar graph allows you to click to view results, the retake icon allows you to click to push out a retake, the pencil icon will allow you to click to edit the assignment, and the trash can icon will allow you to click to quickly delete the assignment.

All the way over to the far right-hand side, we have the three menu dots. Clicking on those three menu dots, you also have some of those same actions as well as a couple more: viewing the results, pushing out a retake, previewing the online version of the assignment, viewing the print version of the assignment, editing the assignment, grabbing that assignment link to drop into Google Classroom, sharing the data with others, or deleting the assignment data.

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