Identifying which stems have an instructional video

This tutorial will show users how to identify whether or not a stem has a corresponding instructional video from within the Standards Builder.

Take a look at your stem tiles. If you see a film reel, that is how you can identify whether or not that stem has a corresponding instructional video. There are several ways that students can access these instructional videos.

  • They can access them from the QR codes on a print assignment, as well as right from within their online assignment.
  • They can simply locate the instructional video in the top or right-hand corner of their screen. When they click on it, they will be able to play the instructional video.

Teachers can preview instructional videos by simply clicking once on the stem with a film reel. From here, clicking on the 'Conceptual Video' and pushing 'Play' will allow you to preview the instructional video.

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